A New Beginning…

As we start a new year, I am starting a new Blog.  Those of you who have followed the Sutherland Family History Story at sutherlandfamilyhistory.wordpress.com are cordially invited to follow along to read my  new stories about my Mother’s ancestors.

Ruth Inez Grant

My Mother’s maiden name was Ruth Inez Grant.  She was born September 26, 1925 to Ethel Jane Pruett and Herbert Marcillus Grant.   My Grandmother, Ethel Jane Pruett was the daughter of Annie Eliza Vandergift and David Andrew Pruett.  My Grandfather, Herbert Marcillus Grant was the son of James Grant and Virginia Lou Harrelson.  Over the years I have gathered some fascinating information about these families.

My Mother died very young in 1960 when she was just 35 years old, but I had the great fortune to have a Grandmother and Aunts who shared lots and lots of family history.  I have supplemented those stories with intense research and am not ready to take you on another journey from Scotland and England to the United States and eventually to central Texas.  Unlike the Sutherlands who took the northern route to Texas through North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas, the Grants and the Pruitts took the southern route through South Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama.  Makes sense, the Sutherlands were “Highlanders” who preferred the mountainous terrain closest to their native highlands in Sutherland in Scotland while the Grants were lowlanders who lived in the lower parts of Scotland along the shores of Lock Ness.

Urquhart Castle

Oh yes!!  I have been to Lock Ness, but alas, no sight of Nessie, but a grand visit to Urquhart Castle, home of Clan Grant located right on the shores of Lock Ness.  Let the fun begin!






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I am a retired government employee who has spend the past 35 years doing genealogy research. I am now trying to capture the stories behind all of the facts to share with my daughter and family.

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